Our services

M&A assistance

We provide 360° sell side and buy side assistance. From target profiling,

preparation for sale to integration

Operations management

We provide operational expertiese
in all fuctions of your business.
From product selection, R&D, M&S,
techops to support functions more...

Strategy development

We provide assistance in defining
core strategies for your business.
From product selection to go to
market strategies more...

Talent managent

We provide assistance in all your
HR matters. From talent attraction
to talent retention more...

✔︎      Acquisition or divestiture of Companies, Products or Company assets
✔︎      Screening of the Market environment, target profiling
✔︎      Target Identification
✔︎      360° Due diligence
✔︎      Target valuation
✔︎      Negotiation support
✔︎      Synergy tracking
✔︎      Transaction structure
✔︎      Post Merger Integration action plans

We can handle your entire M&A project - be it buy side or sell side - but we also integrate with your project team (internal and external advisors) 

✔︎      Establish strategic plans to defend existing business and to identify future growth

✔︎      Geographic expansion and go to market strategies
✔︎      Product strategies (differentiated, mature, off-patent)
✔︎      Operating strategies
✔︎      R&D strategies
✔︎      Biosimilar strategies (from product selection to sales strategy)
✔︎      Translating strategies into implementation plans and financial plans
✔︎      Development of scorecards (lead and lag indicators) to monitor implementation

We can assist you in your full planning cycle, from strategy development to monitoring implementation

✔︎      Portfolio analysis and planning
      Improvement of R&D productivity
✔︎      Operations network optimization
      Supply chain efficiency gains

✔︎      Sales Force effectiveness
      New market (segment) penetration

We can help you in your operational management of your asset, we provide project leadership or functional leadership. We define your new core processes or suggest improvements to existing processes and manage the implementation

✔︎      Management assessment
      Talent attraction and retention
✔︎      Identification of talent gaps
      Assist in your search projects (profiling, Agency search, candidate selection)

✔︎      Design and benchmark of compensation systems and other HR processes
      Executive coaching of a new talent , a key talent or a recent new promotion

We provide assistance and tools for managing people and attract and retain the right talents